User reports that their recorded meeting on Teams is not opening. It automatically opens via Microsoft Edge but then tries to load but just gives a blank page.


The user needs to go into the normal chat button in Teams. Find the meeting required and then click on files at the top (not the one on the left down the side but the one up the top next to chat).

From the list on the 3 dots to the side of the required file, click download. Check progress in the library folder.

Once it’s finished downloading (which can take a while especially if the meeting is an hour or more) go back to Teams and click on Files (on the left hand side).

Make sure it’s on recent and then find the meeting in question (usually at the top). Either double click on this or click the 3 dots at the side and choose open in browser.

Problem part 2

Although this will work the majority of the time, I did find also that one meeting wasn’t displaying or downloading.

Solution part 2

This can rectified by either refreshing Teams (click on another chat on the list) and then go back to where the meeting chat is or as a last resort do a restart of the PC.