Sometimes you will want to reduce the number of folders you’re syncing from a SharePoint site such as your team drive if it has been migrated.  Syncing fewer folders can improve performance, and you can still access other parts of the site via the web browser.


If it is a complete site is synced will look something like this:


In this case TestTeamTD is the name of the site, and Documents is the name of the file library that is syncing


It is also possible to have created a similar sync inside your individual OneDrive if you used the Add Shortcut to OneDrive option on the website.


Right Click on the OneDrive Sync client next to the clock (Blue Cloud) and click Settings – you may have to click the up arrow if its not visible, or run it from the start menu if its not currently running.




On the Account tab you will see which locations are currently syncing.

Click Stop sync on the location you are removing and on the box that pops up.


Now the OneDrive Sync Client will rescan all of its files.  This will take different lengths of time depending on how many files/folders you have synced.  It will likely take upwards of 20 minutes for this step to complete.  The Icon should look like this  however in some cases this appears briefly and disappears repeatedly.  Its best leave this alone for an extended period such as over lunch to give it time to complete.

You could work on files opened from the SharePoint website in the meantime without causing problems.




  • If the synced folder has not disappeared within an hour you can restart your PC.  You may then have to wait a further period before the change takes effect.
  • If all of these steps have still not removed the folder, you can run: 
    1. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft OneDrive\OneDrive.exe /reset

Then run OneDrive again from the start menu.  This should totally recheck the synced files.

  • Unfortunately the Onedrive Sync Client doesn’t always manage to deleted the synced copy of files that are on your computer.  When you sync another folder and the South Essex College node on your file explorer reappears, you may see the folder you have just removed (in this case TestTeamTD – Documents), just without the blue cloud icon next to it.


As long as the synced folder is no longer showing in your OneDrive Settings where you removed it earlier and the blue cloud icon is gone next to the folder in file explorer, it is safe to delete this folder.