All Email messages sent from the South Essex College mail system are encrypted in transit making them secure by default. 

However if more security is needed such as sending sensitive information externally Message Encryption can be used. This ensures the message and any attachments can only be read by the addressed recipients and that once the message is delivered it's not accessible to unauthorised individuals.  

Encrypting an Email using the secure message subject tag

Creating a secure message is as simple as including [Secure Message] (square brackets included) in the subject line and sending the message as normal. This can be included anywhere in the subject such as at the start or the end of your original subject line. For example '[Secure Message] Finance information'. 

Once you have added the subject line tag, and it has been delivered to the recipient they will receive an email that looks like the below message. This will take them to a secure portal where they can access the message, any attachments and reply. 

Important Note: Secure messages are only available to the recipient for 30 days.