All messages sent by us are encrypted in transit using Transport Layer Security (TLS). To ensure an extra layer of security, sensitive and confidential messages are encrypted using Microsoft Office 365 Message Encryption so they can only be accessed by the intended recipient.

Once an email is marked on our end, it will be encrypted; you won’t be able to open it immediately as the message needs to be decrypted through the secure message portal. If you have been sent an encrypted message it will look something like this:


Accessing a secure message

The secure message can only be accessed by the intended recipient. To access the secure message, you can do so in one of two ways:

  • Sign in with a One-time Passcode. This will be emailed to you; enter the code to access the message.
  • Sign in with Google/Microsoft/Yahoo. By signing in with your Google, Microsoft (including work and school) or Yahoo account this provides assurance that you are the intended recipient, and the message will decrypt.

Once you have decrypted the secure message in the portal you will be able to view and reply to the message.