To ensure that your registered security information is still current you are prompted every 180 days to verify your information. This requires that you enter your authentication code which is either sent to you via text or generated by the registered authenticator app.

Please see the following guidance depending on the security information you have registered:

Authentication App:
1. Open the registered authenticator app if you used Microsoft this will be a blue padlock.
2.  Make a note of the 6-digit code generated for your account in the app and enter it were prompted during sign in. The code is valid for 30 seconds so you may wish to wait for a new code to be generated to make the most of the full 30 seconds.

Mobile Phone - SMS
The code will be sent to your registered mobile number, it may take a few minutes for it to appear. Once received enter it where prompted during sign in. The code will be valid for 10 minutes. 

Mobile Phone - Call

You will receive an automated call to your registered mobile number. To complete the sign-in/verification process press the (#) hash key.